PREVODY s.r.o. company activities cover the following assortment of supplies with typical representants :

-type P (without driving motor)

-type EP (motor drived gearbox)

-type C (spur gears)

-type EC (motor driven spurgearbox)

-type K (bevel gears type gearbox)

-type EK (motor driven bevel gearbox)

-type Z (worm gear type gearbox)

-type EZ (motor driven worm gearbox)

-type KC (combined bevel and spur gearbox)

-type EKC (motor driven combined spur and bevel gearbox)

-with coaxial output shaft

-with misaligned output

-spur and helical wheels, bevel gears helical and eloidal, worms and worm wheels

-special wheels with flexible variation of axes distance, e.a. dye works

-claw couplings

-flexible couplings

-overload couplings